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Vantage Elan

Fast. Efficient. Compact.


The Vantage Elan 1.5T MR system provides the high quality imaging that is the Canon Medical Systems standard in a compact system that saves space and minimizes system operating costs with Eco mode. This efficient functionality combined with tools to improve patient experience makes the Elan 1.5T ideally suited to the needs of both patients and doctors.


  • Ultra-short open bore design
  • 63 cm aperture
  • Pianissimo™ Quiet Technology
  • M-Power—Intuitive user interface
  • Non-contrast Imaging
  • Excellent homogeneity: Less than 2ppm in 50 cm DSV
  • Eco Mode—Minimizes power consumption
  • Zero helium boil-off

Quiet MR



Noise can make an MR exam uncomfortable for patients, Pianissimo allows even the most sensitive patient to have a pleasant experience.

Reducing noise levels in 2 unique ways:

  • Hardware designed to eliminate noise at the source for every sequence
  • Additional special sequences further reduce gradient noise



Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) and Diffusion Tensor Tractography (DTT) are part of the Vantage Elan mNeuro package. DTT analysis (as seen in the picture) is easily post-processed using the Elan M-Power interface.

Integrated Coil Workflow Technology

Integrated coils are uniquely designed for improved workflow and patient comfort.


Canon Medical Systems MR System's integrated coils making it easy to handle multiple studies by allowing you to position the patient and utilize the coils you need in one easy step.

Contrast in your images. Not in your patients.


Non-Contrast Imaging

We provide clinicians unique, non-contrast MRA sequences that minimize risk to patients while producing exceptional images. These images are often better than those acquired with conventional contrast enhanced techniques.

Motion free imaging

Quick Star

Quick Star free breathing and motion reduction is especially useful in liver examinations and can be helpful for challenging patients that have difficulty holding their breath like older patients and young children.

mUTE* 3D T1

The mUTE application suppresses high-speed gradient field switching, making it possible to provide quiet scanning.

Fast Installation and Small Footprint


  • 6 days to scanning after equipment delivery
  • Improved and reduced cabling
  • Minimum scan room size—23m²*
  • Compact cabinet design
  • Equipment room can be eliminated
  • Modular solution available

Access advanced applications with Olea/Vitrea post processing tools

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