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Magnetic Resonance


Canon Medical’s range of MR solutions are built with intelligent workflow and image-processing technologies to accelerate scans, improve diagnostic confidence and patient comfort, and deliver outstanding efficiencies across your entire business.

A high level of confidence for Clinicians:
Thanks to reproducible imaging with Deep Learning Reconstruction* noise removal, you can rely on clear, high-quality images to guide you to a fast and confident diagnosis.

A comfortable and quiet scan for Patients:
With fast exams, free breathing technology, non-contrast imaging and the latest Pianissimo ambient noise reduction technology, you can make the entire experience more comfortable for your patients.

An efficient process for Partnerships:
With new acceleration and workflow techniques, energy efficient technology and advanced service capability, data is acquired quickly for your team to make an informed, fast and cost-effective diagnosis.

*AiCE Deep Learning Reconstruction is available with the Vantage Galan 3T and Orian 1.5T. AiCE MR is applicable for brain and knee regions.

High Productivity. Patient Comfort. Clinical Confidence.


Step into the AI era with Vantage Orian to boost your MRI imaging performance and productivity at 1.5T. With outstanding patient comfort and clinical confidence, Vantage Orian is the perfect answer to your 1.5T MRI business and clinical requirements


With adaptive noise cancellation PURERF Rx technology employs a proprietary algorithm and reduces noise at the source. The result is an increase in SNR up to 38% and enhanced image quality.



Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE) intelligently removes noise from images which results in higher SNR² and enables increased resolution. Achieve sharp, clear and distinct images utilizing the power of Deep Learning, allowing you to see through the noise.

Advanced post processing

Advanced post processing enhances diagnosis while helping to expand patient services


Access advanced applications with Olea/Vitrea™ post processing tools.