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Vantage Orian

Productivity. Comfort. Confidence.


Step into the AI era with Vantage Orian to boost your MRI imaging performance and productivity at 1.5T. With outstanding patient comfort and clinical confidence, Vantage Orian is the perfect answer to your 1.5T MRI business and clinical requirements.


  • Short magnet and 71 cm wide bore offers an open MRI scanning environment
  • Outstanding diffusion imaging with Gmax of 45 mT/m and SR 200 T/m/sec
  • High resolution imaging with Saturn Technology
  • Consistent imaging performance with PURERF
  • Now with Compessed SPEEDER, rapid scan technologies reduce scan time

Patient Friendly


  • MR Theater helps relax patients with a virtual immersive experience
  • Pianissimo technology delivers whisper quiet scanning
  • Short magnet and 71 cm wide bore offers an open MRI scanning environment

Quick Star free breathing


Quick Star free breathing and motion reduction can be helpful for challenging patients that have difficulty holding their breath, especially for liver examinations or uncooperative patients like pediatrics.

Saturn Technology


Our unique Saturn Technology provides a more consistent image quality through increased gradient stability and precise center frequency control.

AiCE combines with Compressed SPEEDER

Fast 3D mode for TOF


You can now apply Fast 3D mode to TOF contrast MRA procedures with the ability to reduce scan times by up to 50%1, while maintaining excellent image consistency.

AiCE combines with Fast 3D mode

Reduce scans with Water Fat Separation

Water Fat Separation (WFS) achieves consistent fat suppression and homogeneity while acquiring four different tissue contrasts in one scan, reducing the total number of scans you need to acquire. Available for T1, T2, and PD sequences, WFS can be acquired in any area of the body.

Access advanced applications with Olea/Vitrea post processing tools

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