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Increased cardiovascular surgical capabilities.


  • Extend your cardiovascular surgical imaging capabilities with this supremely capable mobile interventional imaging system.
  • The latest CMOS flat panel technology and powerful pulsed 25 kW or 30 kW X-ray generator for amazing fixed room-like image quality but with a fraction of the radiation dose.
  • Integrated energy storage for higher performance levels.
  • Ziehm Advanced Active Liquid Cooling System for continuous performance even in the lengthiest and most demanding procedures.


You have control.


  • Take full control of the 4 motorised movement axes from the tableside or mobile cart using the joystick and touchscreen user-interfaces.
  • 165° orbital C-arm rotation for effective patient coverage and 3 memory positions with instant recall.
  • Dedicated Ziehm SmartVascular workfl...



Zero hybrid room preparation.


  • Easy, fast setup – roll in, plug in, image!; start your hybrid procedure with zero room preparation.
  • Avoid complex and hugely expensive hybrid room planning, construction & equipping.
  • Reduce operating costs compared to conventional Hybrid opera...


Minimised Dose.


  • ‘SmartDose’ comprehensive Ziehm dose concept for high image quality and minimised radiation dose.
  • Automatic optimisation of dose and image quality with advanced anatomical programs.
  • Dedicated functions to significantly reduce exposure in paediatric surgery....

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