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Alphenix Biplane

Alphenix solutions for interventional neurology


Innovative technologies optimized for neurovascular intervention including the world’s first high definition flat panel detector help you deliver the best possible outcomes for your patients.


See and deploy complex devices with confidence

Alphenix’s unique hi-def imaging mode allows you to effortlessly zoom up to 1.5” in resolution without losing image quality. Alphenix’s improved imaging chain, including Illuvis noise reduction technology, provides cleaner, sharper, more defined images during device placement or embolization procedures with enhanced visualization of the surrounding vessels and devices.


Navigate faster with confidence and accuracy


Improved DSA and 2D roadmap with real-time auto pixel shift to automatically correct the position of the mask image due to body motion. Alpha CT can be used to obtain CT-like 3D imaging data from the C-arm. Superimpose this 3D data or prior CT/MR data with the live fluoro display to guide device placement with greater confidence.



Alphenix floor- and ceiling-mounted C-arms support complex neurology procedures with an unprecedented range of patient access and full-body coverage. The new tableside Alphenix Tablet gives you control right at your fingertips to deliver a faster, more seamless and richer work experience.

Detector size choice

30cm x 30cm
This compact design can clear the patient’s shoulder in a lateral projection, making it ideal for neurology applications.

Hi-def 30cm x 30cm Housed in the same compact design as the standard flat panel detector, this detector increases resolution from 6” to an impressive 1.5”.

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