Toshiba Medical Systems recently installed two Aplio 500 ultrasound systems in the mammography department at Edinburgh Western General Hospital.

The Aplio 500 machines, which were delivered with shearwave software, were chosen for their speed and image quality. Commenting on the purchase, Nicola Mason, Lead Sonographer says, “We have never used Toshiba ultrasound systems before, however, we have found the Aplio 500 an easy and ergonomic system to use with good image quality. We also found there is increased visualisation of the needle tip during biopsy which improves accuracy and reduces the need to repeat. This also means the overall procedure is quicker. For cases which require assessment of the axilla, the Aplio 500 has proved to be comparatively superior for assessment of lymph nodes. The Colour Doppler modality is highly sensitive at detecting small vessels; these are important to visualise prior to biopsy.”      

Nicola adds, “In addition, Toshiba’s shearwave technology provides a quantitative measure and dynamic display of tissue stiffness, which may help to differentiate benign from malignant tumours.”

The Aplio 500 offers advanced performance that can be relied on day-after-day. Cost-effective, productive and versatile, it provides superior imaging with outstanding depth and detail for the widest range of clinical specialities. In addition, comprehensive on-board programmes allow the user to review, manage and report conveniently on the system or via a network. It fits perfectly into individual work practices with a software-driven platform that is easy to configure and to upgrade, to meet the demands of patient workload and fast-changing clinical practice.


Left to right, Lynn Henderson and Carol-Ann Lonie, Radiographic Department Assistants; Dr. Gauri Babu, Consultant Radiologist; Scott Couper, Ultrasound Sales Specialist, Toshiba Medical Systems; Dr. Ben Ward, Consultant Radiologist; Laura McGibbon, Ultrasound Applications, Toshiba Medical Systems; Nicola Mason, Clinical Specialist Sonographer;

Dr. Melanie Smith, Consultant Radiologist; Mandy Stewart, Superintendent Radiographer and Rebecca King, Radiographic Department Assistant

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